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Sales Engineer/Technical Consultant



  • Use your knowledge and experience to help build our collective knowledge through stand-up meetings, ad-hoc brainstorming, and team enablement sessions.​


  • Respond to product inquiries and provide assistance to customers via chat (primary), email, web conference, and phone.​


  • Assist customers with their deployment, configuration, problem triage, and troubleshooting of Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform.

  • Provide customized recommendations and best practices to customers on how to use Dynatrace to monitor the application performance, cloud infrastructure, and digital experience of their critical applications.​

  • Deliver live demos of Dynatrace’s all-in-one monitoring solution for a wide range of users (technical and non-technical).

  • Assist Customer Success Managers and Sales in identifying new expansion and revenue opportunities.​


  • Identify, offer solutions, and take initiative to automate or streamline any processes or task that takes away from our first priority—our customers—in order to reduce workload, increasing scale, and provide more value to customers.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related work experience.


  • Knowledge of networking, protocols, and architectures such as TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, SSL, and BGP.


  • Familiarity with database design, SQL, and data access practices.

  • Exceptional corporate presentation and relationship-building skills.

  • Excellent English languages highly valued



  • Web and application server technologies (Apache, IIS, WebSphere, WebLogic,JBoss)

  • Server-side technologies such as Java Servlets and PHP

  • Client-side technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax

  • Cloud/New Stack technologies such as OpenStack, OpenShift, AWS, Azure, and CloudFoundry

  • Service-oriented personality with passion for working with customers (mainly in English)


  • Hands-on Teamplayer and proactive (wo)man of action



  • Flexible – we are dynamically changing and adapting.


  • Positive – even in the face of adversity.

  • Proactive – not waiting to be told what to do.

  • Motivated – self-starter who excels in fast-paced, team environments.


  • Innovative – always learning and contributing to fresh ideas.

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