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Digital Experience

Improve user experiences with best-in-class digital experience monitoring.

Ensure every application is available, functional, fast, and efficient across every channel including mobile, web, IoT, and APIs.

Instantly analyze digital experience data with full context

Unify, store, and contextually analyze massive volumes of digital experience data with speed and cost-efficiency using a causational data lakehouse.

Application insights and availability
Gain deeper insight into the digital experience of your applications and deliver a better end-user experience through root cause analysis with tracing, logs, and metrics in context, including logs connected directly to user sessions.

Prevent problems before users see them

With synthetic monitoring, automatically discover problems across production and development environments before your customers are affected and begin to overload your call centers with complaints.


Automatically resolve real user-impacting issues

With real-user monitoring, instantly know when user experiences go wrong and how you can rapidly fix them, so you can eliminate the guesswork.

Indisputable video evidence to optimize user experiences

Replay every session through the eyes of the user and understand their exact experience, so everyone can agree where to make improvements.


Advanced mobile app monitoring to deliver omni-channel experiences

Continuously monitor and analyze mobile user experiences across customer segments,

app crashes, third party components, and your entire cloud stack to innovate faster with new mobile features that exceed customer expectations.

Push the boundaries of understanding user journeys

Leverage logs as a critical ingredient

to manage and improve application

environments so developers can proactively optimize their apps by tackling unforeseen

issues that can manifest in production.



Learn how Dynatrace can address your specific needs with a custom demo. One of our performance experts will walk you through our solutions and show you how to deliver great customer experiences, accelerate release cycles, and simplify operations.


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Accelerating Digital Transformation

We are here to support solutions and services for complex IT operations, utilizing a cloud-first approach powered by AI and automation.

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